Brake Repair in Greenville, SC

At Just Right Auto, we take the time to do thorough brake inspections. We have included all of the checkpoints below just so you can have an idea of everything that we inspect.

The Just Right Auto Disc Brake Procedure

A. Test drive before doing any work. Check for any unusual noises or vibrations.

B. Visual inspection

  1. Inspection for leaks.
  2. Inspect brake pads for uneven wear.
  3. Check brake rotors for uneven wear.

C. Physical inspection

  1. Measure rotor overall thickness.
  2. Insure that all brake caliper pistons retract easily.
  3. Check all slide pins for proper movement.

D. Mechanical work

  1. Remove brake caliper from mounting bracket.
  2. Hang brake caliper with proper hanger not the brake hose.
  3. Remove hanger bracket if needed.
  4. Remove brake rotor.
  5. Machine brake rotor on brake lathe.
  6. Rinse rotor with water to remove metal shavings.
  7. Apply proper lube to all contact points.
  8. Reverse process to reinstall.
  9. Check brake fluid and fill to proper level.
  10. Tighten lug nut in a cross pattern to proper torque.
  11. Test drive and apply brakes to burnish in the new pads.
  12. Check for vibrations and noises.